10 Gorgeous Winter Wedding Centerpieces

winter wedding centerpieces

Part of the excitement of planning your wedding is seeing all the work and decorations come together to make the vision you planned come to life. One of the more prominent decorations at any wedding is the table centerpiece. During various seasons, we see different flowers and elements being used, and some of our favorites are the winter wedding centerpieces. Here are some stunning ideas to inspire you. 

1. A Frozen Rose

frozen rose as a winter wedding centerpieces

One of the most beautiful and unique winter wedding centerpieces we’ve ever seen, this centerpiece uses a single rose frozen in a block of ice. It is placed on a cooling plate to maintain its temperature throughout the duration of the wedding so that it stays frozen.

On scale of 1-10 for creativity, we give this a 15. Simply stunning.

2. Barren Tree

barren tree winter wedding centerpieces

This naked tree is a beautiful example of a winter wedding centerpiece. Its lack of leaves gives it a gorgeous winter look that we’ve come to enjoy seeing over the years.

Plus, the candles add an intimate warmth to what would be an otherwise chilly evening.

3. A Touch Of Red

red and white winter wedding centerpieces

Of course you’ll want to have some red elements at a winter wedding! Red is synonymous with the holiday season.

This winter wedding centerpiece still gives off the look of what you might see during the spring or summer, but the green elements give it a wintery twist. Very cheerful indeed!

4. A Candle And Lantern

candle and lantern winter wedding centerpieces

We absolutely love the use of lanterns as a part of winter wedding centerpieces.

Lanterns and candles create a very cozy, warm atmosphere that couples want to have for their winter wedding.

This centerpiece uses both of those objects in a very creative and elegant manner.

5. Green And Red

green and red winter wedding centerpieces
Photo Courtesy of MarthaStewartWeddings.com

This pink, red, and green centerpiece is just brimming with holiday and winter spirit!

Some of the elements in this remind us of a poinsettia, which you see everywhere this time of year, as it is one of the most popular holiday plants.

6. Frozen Tree

frozen tree winter wedding centerpieces

We mentioned earlier how we loved naked trees being used as a winter wedding centerpiece. This one takes things to another level by creating a look that seems as if the tree itself is frozen.

Though some might not like it for its lack of flowers, we think this is a gorgeous example of creativity.

7. Tulips And Orchids

tulip and orchid winter wedding centerpieces
Photo Courtesy of Katie Pritchard

This stunning tulip-and-orchid winter wedding centerpiece combines dark greens with deep reds, and the touch of white and pink give it an added element of depth.

This centerpiece definitely radiates a winter and holiday vibe, and will make a dazzling complement to any winter wedding.

8. A Touch Of Snow

frozen tree with flowers and snow winter wedding centerpieces

Let it snow! Seeing snow (or likely fake snow here) being used in winter wedding centerpieces makes us happy.

This elegant centerpiece combines the frozen-tree look, but with flowers this time. To top it off, fake snow has been sprinkled around its base to truly give it a wintery feeling.

9. Hanging Candles

hanging candles with flowers winter wedding centerpieces

The endless candles on this centerpiece give it a warm feeling which is counter to the hard steel frame that it sits on.

This centerpiece strikes a nice balance between what we might typically see at a spring or summer wedding compared to ones we see during the wintertime.

10. Metallic And Gold Ornaments

This winter wedding centerpiece combines a traditional look, but with a wintery twist. Sophisticated metallic and gold ornaments have been added to the vase, bringing to mind Christmas ornaments or jingle bells.

If you’re planning a winter wedding, centerpieces give you lots of room to be creative and add a fantastic winter touch to your big day. Have fun with it, and good luck!