Will Your Wedding Venue Allow These Items?

Wedding Venues - Don't Allow - Confetti

If you truly have your heart set on a certain items for your wedding day such as candles, rose petals, or sparklers, it’s a very good idea to inquire with your wedding venue to make sure that they allow it.

Many couples are disheartened to discover that once they’ve booked their perfect wedding venue, they aren’t allowed to have specific elements included on their big day. In fact, this is fairly common.

The wedding venues don’t do this to upset clients. There are usually very good reasons why they decline the use of some things. However, as mentioned before, if you really want something included on your wedding day, it’s smart to ask these questions up front, before you book your venue.

Take a look below at the most common items that many wedding venues do not allow—and please note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that we at Platinum don’t allow them. This is simply general information.


If you’ve been anywhere near Pinterest or wedding photography in the last few years, you know that one of the most popular wedding send-off items is sparklers. Couples love them for their photogenic quality, and they are fun in person for your guests, too.

However, wedding venues often say no to sparklers over the concern that they will catch onto something flammable—or, at the very least, they worry about them catching onto something that can be damaged, like a dress or hair.

If you want something venue-friendly that produces light, consider fiber-optic wands or glow sticks instead of sparklers.


Because candlelight is the most romantic lighting, many couples dream of a soft, candlelit ceremony or reception. However, many wedding venues do not allow candles with real fire, due to the fact that it’s simply too dangerous. Weddings often include small children and guests who have had a lot to drink, and many venue owners deem fire too large a risk. Even if a wedding venue does allow real-fire candles, it’s often limited to very few.

Wedding Venues - Don't Allow - Candles On Table

If your dream venue says “no” to candles and you want them, consider LED battery-operated candles. These have been designed to have a very realistic appearance. It won’t be the real thing, but you may want to keep them in mind.

Décor Hangers

Many wedding venues, especially if they are older or historical, will ban the use of nails, tacks, tape, putty, Velcro, command strips, or hooks for decorating. This can be very frustrating for couples who plan to do their own decorating, but the venue manager may have some suggestions.

They may allow you to use other methods such as fishing line, lace, and/or ribbon to decorate. You can also consider using easels for signs, up-lighting instead of much décor, or extra flowers.


By now, everyone knows that rice is not a good idea to toss. Not only is it a serious falling hazard, it’s bad for animals and terrible to clean up.

Wedding Venues - Don't Allow - Rice TossImage: madelinesweddings.com

However, there are still some couples who love the tradition of throwing rice. If this is you, though, beware: not many venues will allow this anymore.

Confetti And Party Poppers

Another very popular wedding send-off item is confetti, because it’s colorful, festive, and looks great in photos. But because it’s such a headache to clean up, many wedding venues shut confetti down.

If you have your heart set on confetti, you should check with your venue—or consider something else that’s fun, such as bubble guns.

Rose Petals

Many wedding venues have banned rose petals from being tossed or used as decoration. The reasons vary: some say it’s a slipping hazard, some say that the rose petals will stain the floor, and others simply say it’s too annoying to clean up. Whatever the reason, it seems that more and more wedding venues are declining to allow rose petals, or any flower petals at all.

Wedding Venues - Don't Allow - Rose Petal AisleImage: bridebox.net

If you want your flower girl to toss rose petals, or if you want them as décor, consider using fake petals if the venue will permit it.


Some couples dream of kicking their marriage off with a bang, literally, with celebratory fireworks. If this is you, then you’ll definitely need to check with your wedding venue first, as fireworks are some of the most state-by-state wedding items out there.

Wedding Venues - Don't Allow - FireworksImage: zambellifireworks.com


If you’re a glitter person and can’t envision your big day without it—good luck! Like rice, most wedding venues have said a big NO to glitter. It’s a nightmare to clean, it gets all over everything, and it’s not good for the environment.

Wedding Venues - Don't Allow - Glitter TossImage: images.huffingtonpost.com

You may need to get creative and find a good shiny alternative to glitter if you truly want the aesthetic.

If you find out that your wedding venue doesn’t allow an element that you want for your wedding, it will be up to you whether you sacrifice the venue or that element. The most important thing to remember is to ask before booking.

If you’re still on the hunt for your perfect wedding venue, please check out our gallery at Platinum, and contact us if you’re interested in us hosting your wedding!