Try These 5 Tips If Wedding Planning Has You Stressed

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Most women dream about their wedding day from the time they’re a little girl—but then when it comes to the actual wedding planning, it can escalate quickly into a stressful and frustrating process. Between dealing with family, choosing vendors, endless to-do lists, selecting the catering, buying a dress, and figuring out thousands of details, wedding planning can cause an excited bride to turn into an anxious mess.

So, how do you deal when you’re getting overwhelmed with the wedding planning? Here are some great tips straight from our team of wedding planners at Platinum Banquet Hall.

Concentrate On What You Like

Maybe you’re excited to choose the flowers for your wedding, but finding reception entertainment is stressing you out. Or perhaps you can’t wait to plan the menu, but you’re lost when it comes to the seating arrangements. That’s okay!

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Choose the things you want to tackle, and then delegate the rest to someone who can help you. Whether it’s your mother, your fiancé’s mother, siblings, or your bridesmaids, your wedding planning is the ideal time to enlist help.

Reward Yourself For Finishing Tasks

No matter how small of a reward, it’s a mental cleanser to give yourself one once you’ve wrapped up something important. From having champagne to ordering your favorite take-out, those little rewards will soothe and re-boot you after you’ve taken care of an important wedding detail.

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Find A Wedding Venue That Can Do It All

With the wedding venue, catering, entertainment, flowers, and everything else, a bride can quickly feel like she’s drowning in details and options. Did you know that with the right wedding venue, you’ll not only get a gorgeous wedding space, but also built-in wedding planners?


A wedding venue like Platinum Banquet Hall has a team of wedding planning professionals who can recommend all kinds of wedding vendors to you. Not only that, but we have our own in-house catering so that you don’t even need to worry about finding your own catering service. If you’re truly overwhelmed with to-do’s, get the help of a wedding venue that can take care of multiple aspects of the wedding for you.

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Remember Why You’re Getting Married

Sometimes, when all the stress of the wedding planning is getting to be too much to handle, take a moment to yourself and remember why you’re going through it all. Find a quiet spot, breathe deeply, and think about your fiancé. Think about how happy you’re going to be when you’re joined together. Remind yourself why you love him and how excited you are for your future. One day the wedding planning will be a distant memory, but your marriage is a lifelong decision.

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As one of the best wedding venues in Los Angeles, Platinum Banquet Hall has hosted countless weddings. Our staff and team of wedding planning professionals are here to help you if you’re looking for a fabulous wedding venue. Take a look at our photo gallery, or feel free to contact us with any questions!