Over These Wedding Traditions? Try Updating Them!

Wedding Traditions - Bride And Groom Laughing Together

Header Image: Chloe Jackman Photography

Weddings are filled to the brim with traditions. Some are still incredibly popular, such as the first dance; some have become very flexible, like wearing a white dress, and some are beginning to fall by the wayside.

When it comes to weddings, it’s important that each specific couple talks with each other — and their wedding planner — about what traditions they do and don’t want during the reception.

Why are some wedding traditions becoming more and more obsolete? Perhaps it’s because some people find them tacky (shoving cake into each other’s mouths), or maybe they are outright uncomfortable with it (the groom removing the garter from his bride’s leg). Whatever the reason, don’t feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to do.

However, if you still like the idea of traditions, consider doing them, but with an update. Here are a few modern twists on wedding traditions that we’ve noticed over the last couple of years.

Cutting The Cake

There’s actually quite a few problems with cutting the wedding cake. Let’s look at a few of them.

  • It tends to interrupt the dancing and halt the flow of the party
  • It’s not very exciting (sorry)
  • Often, the couple doesn’t really know how to cut a cake
  • It makes guests have to wait for cake
  • It makes the couple feel pressured to do the tacky “cake smush”
groom playfully rubbing cake on bride's face

Because of these reasons, many couples these days decide to actually forget the cake cutting altogether.

Instead, they either allow the caterers to cut and serve, or they distribute multiple wedding cakes that are smaller. Not only does this save money on a giant wedding cake; it often presents different options as well. (Different flavors, gluten-free, vegan, etc.)

A big trend right now is to use the different cakes as different table centerpieces. With multiple cakes, all your guests get something they can enjoy, and there’s no boring cake cutting activity.

The Father-Daughter Dance

If your father isn’t really the dancing type and isn’t 100% comfortable with a room full of people staring at him dancing with you, consider transforming the father-daughter dance into a group activity by having your MC invite all the fathers and daughters to come to the dance floor at the same time.

bride and groom doing funky dance at wedding

Not only will this take the attention off of your nervous dad; it’s also a great interactive way to involve your guests and make for some very sweet pictures.

The Garter Toss

Can we just talk about the tackiest wedding tradition of all: the garter toss? This wedding tradition often makes many people uncomfortable, including the bride. If you are like this, don’t feel pressured to do this. Either drop it altogether, or, if you don’t mind the tossing part, simply have a special (non-worn) garter set aside just for the purpose of being tossed.

bride and groom garter toss

The Bouquet Toss

More and more brides are choosing to leave this wedding tradition out of their reception activities. Why? Well, many people find it both silly and insulting to have the single women at their wedding “fight” for a chance to get married next. In these days of empowered women, the whole thing just seems like it’s asking ladies to take ten steps back.

Instead of tossing the bouquet, many brides are now instead either keeping their bouquet and preserving it, or gifting it to their maid of honor, mother, or flower girl.

women fighting for bouquet toss

These are just a few suggestions for putting your own spin onto old wedding traditions. There are many other options available, or you can just nix them altogether. Every couple will have a unique vision for their wedding day, so stick with your instincts and reflect your own tastes. And if you’re still looking for your dream wedding reception venue, check us out at Platinum! Good luck!