Tips On How To Write Marriage Vows

Feb 03 2016

Writing an impressive marriage vows is easy now. There are a lot of examples even on the Internet if not to mention books and magazines. Our parents could manage it somehow which proves that you can handle it on your own.

In the fuss of making wedding arrangements it marriage vowsis possible to forget about paying less attention to this traditional and touching modifier of the ceremony than it deserves. These tips are to encourage you for making this beautiful gesture.

  1. Before writing your marriage vows, go back to the history.

There are many samples of traditional and heartfelt wedding vows available on different sources that can be hints for writing your own and original one. And yet, plagiarism is not bad but inspiration is better. There are several different types of marriage vows concerning religion. Check this article out for information on how to write vows based on your religion if you need too. Traditional Wedding Vows from Various Religions.

  1. Praise your fianc(é)e through your marriage vows.
  • Figure out every single thing you do admire in your fianc(é)e , pick the most attractive ones and praise her/him with those sincere words. It should not look as an exaggerated and artificial speech but a confession.
  • Stress the reasons of what made you come to the altar just with that person.
  • Add your story and speak about all those unforgettable instants you have shared together.
  • Remember even some little details in order to make her/him touched with your carefulness and the importance of your treatment about anything connected with your fianc(é)e in the wedding vow.
  1. Promise.

Overstated promises like “bringing stars” are romantic and they really work. While, you can also take your own approach in the style you’re strong in. For example if you’re considered to be funny you can promise to clear away your socks or to make coffee, everyday.married-925455_640

The most impressive point here is being honest and sure of that you will be able to keep at least 60 % of what you’re promising.

  1. Don’t talk too much: you are already elected

Be aware that your vow will capture the guests’ no longer attention 2-3 minutes. So, try to be short and striking without transforming your marriage vow into a public speech.

  1. Website with examples of real marriage vows for brainstorming.

Check out Real Wedding Vows and start getting ideas if you are completely blanked out. It’s good to start from somewhere at least but we recommend not copy them. You should make it as genuine and original as possible in your marriage vow.

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