How To Choose The Right Party Theme For Your Event

Mad Men Party Theme Idea

Let’s face it: party themes are really fun. They allow both you as the organizer and the guests to get creative, they provide incredible photo ops, and they add an extra touch of festivity.

That said, it’s important to understand that when you choose to have a party theme, you should be prepared to put some real time into choosing what that theme should be. The wrong party theme can make or break an event, but a good one can create a fantastic atmosphere where your guests will make memories to last a lifetime.

Take a look at our tips below for the best ways to choose your party theme.

Go With Something Personal

If you choose a party theme that’s personal to you, you’ll have much more fun and you’ll put a lot more into it. You will also most likely be more creative with it.

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If you decide on a party theme that you don’t know anything about or that you don’t particularly care for, planning the event is going to feel more like a chore than anything else.

Choose A Party Theme That’s Fun

When choosing your party theme, really ask yourself if it’s going to be fun for everyone. For example, a Twilight Zone party theme might sound fun on paper, but is it really? There are only a few “iconic looks” from The Twilight Zone, and those are fairly hard to pull off as a costume for guests.

Party Theme Ideas - Woman Dressed As Psychedelic Hippie


This is just one example, but it’s a good one to truly think over your party theme.

You should also make sure that the party theme you choose will actually have fun costumes. Something like Survivor or “baseball” might sound good, but what are those costumes actually going to look like?

Don’t Choose Something Too Obscure

It’s a good idea to avoid party themes where the concept is obscure, like a party themed after a random book or movie. If the theme is too obscure, you risk your guests not getting into it because they may not be familiar with it.

Think Beyond Décor

Party Theme Ideas - Rice Krispie Treat Luau

Sometimes when someone is planning a party theme, they get so wrapped up in the idea of the décor that they forget that there are other elements that come into play.

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When deciding on your perfect party theme, also consider how it will affect the catering, attire, and entertainment. If you choose a 1920s themed party, for example, you may want to book a jazz band to play. Or if you’re party theme is “golden”, you may want to hire a strolling champagne dress vendor to serve champagne all evening. For a Day of the Dead themed party, you would obviously serve amazing Mexican catering.

When coming up with your party theme, make sure you’re thinking about every other element, as well as the décor.

Make Sure The Venue Matches

This is a tip that’s very often overlooked. When choosing your party theme, think about the event venue you’re using. Does it match the theme?

For example, if you’re having a space themed party and your venue is a rustic barn, that’s not really going to go hand-in-hand. Or if you’re having a Grease themed party in a sleek museum, that might feel strange.

Make sure that your venue can be transformed to mesh well with your theme.

Narrow It Down A Bit

One of the number one mistakes that people make when planning a themed party is: they choose a theme that’s too broad.

If your party theme is too broad, it will most likely cause confusion. Simply telling guests that you’re having a “costume party” or saying that the theme is “around the world” is too vague. Narrow it down a little more than that. For example, if you want a vintage party, try narrowing it down to Mad Men.

Mad Men Party Theme Idea


Don’t Be Vague

Again, in theory, many party themes may sound great—but then reality hits and it’s a mess. This can often happen when vague party themes are chosen.

One good example of a vague theme is “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. Sure, this may sound cute, but what does that theme really mean? Are guests going to be confused? Probably. It’s too vague. The same goes for themes like “Hollywood Nights” or “Too Hot to Handle”.

Maybe the Met Gala can get away with throwing out vague themes, but it’s not a great idea for most planners.

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At Platinum Banquet Hall, we always do everything possible to help our clients pull off the perfect event, no matter what the theme is. If you’re looking for a space to host your upcoming party, please take a look at our photo gallery and see if we’d be a good fit for you. Good luck choosing your party theme!