Flower Petal Alternatives For Your Flower Girl To Carry

Flower Petal Alternative - Floral Lantern
Jun 26 2017

You’ve chosen your flower girl (or girls), and now you need to decide on what she’ll be carrying down the aisle with her. Many couples these days choose to have their flower girls carry something different than actual flower petals, since many venues doesn’t allow flower petals on their carpet. It could also be because you’re worried about your flower girl just dumping the basket out instead of tossing petals—or you may simply want a more non-traditional route for your wedding. Whatever your reasons may be, here are some great ideas for flower petal alternatives for your flower girl!


Signs are probably the biggest flower girl trend when it comes to flower petal alternatives. They’re a favorite because they’re so customizable: they can say anything the couple wants, from “Here Comes the Bride” “to Mr. and Mrs.” to “Wait ’til You See Her!”. Signs can also match the theme of the wedding because the materials can also be customizable—from chalkboard to burlap to wood to canvas. The possibilities are endless!


Wands are an extremely popular choice for flower girls to carry down the aisle, mainly because they look so sweet and are very versatile. Wands allow you to be creative, since they can be made from countless things. Fresh flowers and twigs are favorite materials, and be sure to include lots of ribbon!

Flower Girl With Balloon Flower Petal AlternativeBalloons

An idea that’s becoming more and more trendy, balloons can be a great and very visual idea for flower girls to carry. Balloons can also match any colors or theme of your wedding, which will look amazing in photos. Just be sure to tie the balloon to the wrist of your flower girl if she’s smaller so that it doesn’t fly away and make her cry! You also may want to have someone standing by to help control the situation if your flower girl starts playing with the balloon and distracting your wedding guests from the ceremony.


A parasol is a very pretty idea for your flower girl to carry down the aisle as a flower petal alternative. Many couples also choose to write a customized message on theirs. Think about it—a little girl with a parasol couldn’t be cuter!

Framed Photo

Some couples nowadays choose to have their flower girl carry a framed photo of a loved one who has passed and can’t be there. This may seem like a strange idea, but it’s actually very touching. Other couples who like the idea of their flower girl carrying a framed photo use a photo of themselves, perhaps from one of their first dates.

Glowing Candle

If you’re having a nighttime wedding outdoors, your flower girl could carry a fake glowing candle to create a dreamy effect. This makes a particularly good flower petal alternative, since it’s much more visible than the petals anyway!

The Bride’s Train

This is an older tradition that seems to be disappearing. It may be because brides now want to be the very last to walk down the aisle, or because smaller flower girls may not do a good job. However, if you feel like your flower girl can handle it, her carrying your train behind you will look very sweet.

Dried Lavender

Many wedding venues don’t allow real flower petals to be thrown (apparently flower petals can stain carpet), but if you really want your flower girl to throw something floral, consider dried lavender. It makes a fantastic flower petal alternative because it looks beautiful in photos and smells wonderful.


If you’re having a daytime wedding, having your flower girl carry a floral lantern will look charming. And if you’re having a nighttime wedding outdoors, a lantern lit with a fake candle, LED lights, or Christmas tree lights will have a magical effect.

Flower Girl With Garland Flower Petal AlternativeGarlands

Garlands are a very fresh and pretty flower petal alternative for your flower girl to carry. They’re still in the floral family, they look amazing, and will add an almost regal (but still sweet) touch to the wedding procession.


Many flower girls these days carry pinwheels down the aisle as a flower petal alternative. Pinwheels come in all colors and patterns, and some are even custom-made for weddings.

A Single Stem

Having your flower girl simply carry one individual flower looks absolutely adorable, especially when the flower is big. She won’t have to throw anything—she can just concentrate on making her way down the aisle.


Definitely the most adorable flower petal alternative! Lots of couples want to incorporate their best four-legged friend(s) into their special day. If your flower girl is comfortable with your pet, consider having her carry or walk them down the aisle. For multiple pets, a wagon may be a cute idea. Incorporating pets into a wedding is always a crowd-pleaser!


Confetti has a similar aesthetic to flower petals, only it’s much more festive! It also comes in countless colors and styles, so you’ll definitely be able to find something to match your wedding. Plus, your flower girl will have a blast throwing it!


Hopefully these flower petal alternatives will give you some great ideas for your own wedding! If you’re currently planning your wedding and you’re looking for the perfect Los Angeles wedding venue, consider Platinum Banquet Hall. We have hosted many stunning weddings, and we’d love to hear from you. Have a look at our photo gallery, or check our availability!

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