How To Plan A Fantastic Corporate Party

If you’ve ever planned a party of any kind before, you know the energy, time, creativity, and patience it requires. However, planning a corporate party is loaded up with even more pressure, since it involves the people you work with. If you’ve been delegated to organize and plan a corporate party—whether it’s a charity gala, […]

Your Guide To Corporate Event Invitations & Announcements

Corporate events can bring a swirl of attention to your company, boosting your profile while helping people form strong connections with your business. But how do you let people know about your corporate events in the first place? Well, with invitations of course! You need people to come to your corporate events, but how should […]

4 Corporate Event Trends You Need To Know!

What do you think of when you picture a corporate event? Probably a bunch of middle aged men hanging around in suits, talking about productivity, investments, and shareholders, right? Corporate events are typically considered boring, formal affairs, but a host of exciting new corporate event trends are making events more interesting, engaging, and most importantly, […]