Wedding Guest List: Who Do I Invite To My Wedding?

Throughout the wedding planning process, there are always difficult decisions to make. What wedding venue should you choose? Who will be your wedding photographer? Do you want a band or a DJ? These are all important questions, but perhaps one of the toughest questions to answer is who do you invite to your wedding? Making […]

6 Fun And Exciting Bachelorette Party Ideas

After the engagement party and before you say your I do’s, your girls are going to need to send you off with one last major bash. Your maid of honor and bridesmaids should be planning an all-out bachelorette party for you that is both fun and exciting—and with so many options, it’s hard to go wrong! […]

13 Delicious Late-Night Wedding Snacks To Keep Your Party Going

It’s just about 1 a.m. The DJ is still spinning your favorite hits and your guests are still rocking out with you on the dance floor—but there’s just one more thing the night needs to end perfectly: late-night wedding snacks. Your guests have gotten themselves a great workout on the dance floor, and that means […]

Avoid These 6 Dangerous Party Planning Mistakes

Anyone who has ever truly planned and successfully pulled off a party knows that it takes more than just calling up vendors and organizing. It takes creativity, time, energy, and lots of patience—and some good advice! As a leading event venue in Los Angeles, we have seen the majority of parties go perfectly due to […]

How To Plan Your Wedding Anniversary Party: Tips & Advice

Happy Anniversary! The love you share with your spouse is something truly special, having grown day after day since you were married all those years ago. That love is more than worthy of celebration, which is why you should definitely consider having an anniversary party. Anniversary parties are a great way to celebrate the connection […]

6 Creative Engagement Party Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten engaged, and are on your way to marrying the love of your life. Naturally, this momentous occasion calls for celebration, and what better way to get all your friends, family, and loved ones excited for upcoming wedding than with an engagement party? Engagement parties are a great way to celebrate the […]

How To Have A Perfectly-Planned Birthday Party

A perfectly planned birthday party is not easy to perform, as it might seem. First of all it’s a difficult task because we try to have that level of perfectness almost every year (especially girls). Moreover planning a really epic event requires a lot of efforts put and imagination worked. But if you are sure of the desire […]

How To Make Your Bridal Shower Ideas Come True

A modern bridal shower is set according to the essential rules of this old tradition.Bridal Shower (also called kitchen tea) is the process of “showering” the fiances with gifts while a special party held before wedding ceremony. The difference between modern bridal shower and the traditional one is that some points have been changed while […]

Choosing Your Event And Practical Tips

Choosing your event venue is the first step to be done if you are going to host it. Depending on its style and size, it could take a while to manage all the related details. Considering these practical tips will help about choosing your event venue quicker. 1. Cost. Choosing an event venue connected with […]