Bridesmaid Gifts That They Will Love!

May 24 2017

Most brides love choosing gifts for their bridesmaids. It’s a fun way to thank the friends that have meant so much to you. Bridesmaid gifts tend to all be the same thing, and very often, they match—but they don’t have to. Another popular bridesmaid gift idea is to personalize the gift by customizing it with engraving or monogrammed initials.

Here are twelve bridesmaid gifts that your bridal party will adore to give you a little inspiration.


Getting Ready Robes

Certainly one of the girliest bridesmaid gifts out there, matching getting-ready robes for the wedding will delight your girls, will look very sweet in your photos, and will make an excellent present that will last for years to come.


Luxury Tea

Ladies-in-waiting, indeed! A beautifully-packaged tea gift set is always met with gratitude. Not only a visual present, tea gift sets are also beneficial in that the teas are calming and good for you. Every time your bridesmaids have a cuppa, they’ll think of you.


Personalized Makeup Bag

Every girl has a makeup bag, but do they have a personalized makeup bag? Probably not. This is a great bridesmaid gift idea, and there are countless options when choosing the style and design of the bags. These will be much loved!


Monogram Tote

Much like the customized makeup bags, this tote is practical and special. On its own, it’s very useful. But with your bridesmaids’ initials added, it’s also classy and thoughtful. Again, there are limitless options for style and design for this gift.


Matching Jewelry

A classic. It’s practically tradition for the bride to present her bridesmaids with matching jewelry of some kind, whether it’s earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings. This gift can even be worn at the wedding. You can go full matching or mix it up a little, as shown here.


Bracelet Flask

A fun spin on a common bridesmaid gift. Flasks are often given as bridesmaids gifts, but what about a flask you can wear? Your girls will love this, even if they aren’t big drinkers. They can always fill them with their favorite non-alcoholic beverage, too!



A sweet and classy bridesmaid gift, wraps can be enjoyed during the wedding reception and for years after. You can go the matching route, or choose colors for each individual bridesmaid.


Fancy Chocolate

Considering there’s no one allergic to chocolate, this gift will go over very well. Luxury chocolate is a true treat, especially if it happens to be unique. Spoil your girls a little with some high-end deliciousness!


Ballet Flats

Another practical gift that every girl will be thankful for! Flats are a must-have item for every girl’s closet—plus, having them handy will help your bridesmaids cut a rug on the dance floor later!


A Turbie Twist

Turbie Twists are small, turban-like towels that can be put on after a shower, and they actually dry your hair. They also have a glamorous feel, like something an old movie star would wear.


A Gold Compact

Most girls carry some sort of mirror in their purse, but this is the ultimate. A classic, chic gold compact will delight your bridesmaids. Feminine, pretty, and classy—just like your girls!


Personalized Stationary

This is such a sweet gift, and it encourages the art of handwriting letters in our high-tech age. The thought of writing letters is also romantic, which reflects the fact that you’re getting married.

Hopefully your friends will love whatever bridesmaid gift you decide to give them—but their main focus is going to be you and your beautiful wedding! If you’re busy planning your wedding right now, take a quick tour of Platinum Banquet Hall. We are a fantastic wedding venue in Los Angeles, and our team has been in the industry for years. We can help with every detail of planning your dream wedding. Contact us to learn more!

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