Borrow These Unique Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Unique Wedding Traditions - Cake Pull
Aug 30 2017

Weddings are full of traditions of all kinds, but what about the wedding traditions you’ve never heard of? Even though they may be from another country, that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow them for your own special day. Check out our list below for some fun, sweet, and unique wedding traditions from around the world. You just may end up doing some of these yourself!

Cake Pull

This cute Southern tradition, sometimes also called a “ribbon pull”, is when a bride places small, pretty, easy-to-remove charms inside the wedding cake (or sometimes the bridal shower cake) for her guests to pull out. These charms aren’t baked into the cake, but rather placed gently underneath a layer, with part of them visible for simply removal. If the bride wants certain charms to go to certain guests, she can tie a knot or mark the specific charm so that it can be identified for the right person. These charms can mean whatever the bride wishes, but typical meanings include things such as financial security, new/unexpected love, soon to be wed, a wish will be granted, a bright future, etc.

Pound Party

So convenient! This Quaker tradition is kind of like a housewarming party, except instead of household items like lamps and plants, the wedding couple is presented with pantry basics such as butter, flour, sugar, and spices—by the pound, get it?—to make sure they’ll have plenty to start off with. Guests are also encouraged to give the couple recipes and cleaning supplies.

Wedding Traditions - KransekakeTower Cake

Now you can have your cake and drink it, too! This tower cake, or kransekake, is a Scandinavian wedding tradition. Often served at the reception, it’s made with iced almond cake rings to form a cone shape, and a wine bottle is placed in the hollow center.

Burying Bourbon

Praying it won’t rain on your wedding day? Try this wedding tradition that comes from the South! “Burying the bourbon” is when couples bury a full bottle of bourbon at their ceremony exactly one month before their wedding date to ensure no rain comes on their big day. Just make sure you follow the rules perfectly—or else, according to Southern folklore, you might just get a downpour. The rules are simple: bury the full, unopened bottle of bourbon upside down, and as close as possible to the spot where the couple will stand and exchange vows. On the actual wedding day, dig up the bourbon and open it for the reception.

Chinese Arrows

This playful wedding tradition from China has been popping up across the U.S. over the last few years. It sees the groom shooting his bride with a bow and arrow several times (arrowheads removed, of course), then collecting and breaking the arrows to signify that their love lasts forever.

Who’s The Boss?

Want to know who’s going to be the boss of the marriage? Try this Russian wedding tradition in which the newlyweds share a sweetbread called karavaya at the reception! Whoever takes the biggest bite without using their hands is considered the head of the marriage. It also makes for great. The karavaya is also decorated with wheat for prosperity and interlocking rings for faithfulness.

Groom’s Cake

You’ve most likely heard of this wedding tradition, since it’s making a big comeback. Another one from the South, this is when the groom gets his own cake at the wedding. Typically much less fancy than the “main” wedding cake, the groom’s cake can be a completely different flavor (whatever he wants), and is often decorated with his favorite hobby or interest. This can be anything from his favorite movie, team, colors, book, whatever, to his heritage or career choice. Having a fun groom’s cake alongside the main wedding cake often provides a nice contrast and offers an alternative flavor for guests.

Wedding Traditions - Guatemalan BellsGuatemalan Bells

The groom’s mother most certainly shouldn’t be left out of the wedding traditions. A cute tradition from Guatemala requires that the mother of the groom to break a white ceramic bell filled with grains when the newlyweds are announced at the reception in order to bring prosperity to the couple.

Sort of like a rice-and-flour piñata!

Money Dances

While widely practiced in many cultures and countries, many couples still aren’t familiar with money dance wedding traditions. Originiating from Poland, money dances, also called “dollar dances” or “apron dances”, are a fun wedding tradition that takes place during the reception. The tradition calls for everyone who dances with the bride must pin money to her dress to help the couple pay for their honeymoon. This custom is celebrated in many countries, including Italy, Armenia, Cuba, Poland, Mexico, the Ukraine, and many more.

Hazing Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids everywhere will root for this fun Chinese wedding tradition to be adopted! Bridesmaids give the groom a hard time on the wedding day by putting him—and sometimes his groomsmen—through a series of tests and challenges to prove that he’s truly worthy of the bride. As if this weren’t enough, the groom must then pay off the bridesmaids with envelopes full of money. Hey, can’t hurt to have the bride’s girls on your good side!

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Why not borrow some of these fun wedding traditions for your own big day? Adding a meaningful yet unique tradition to your wedding day can help add an unexpected element to your celebration. If you’re currently planning your wedding and you’re looking for the perfect Los Angeles wedding venue, take a look at our photo gallery at Platinum Banquet Hall, or simply contact us with any questions you may have!

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