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Wedding Planning Problems - Woman Writing In Journal Sitting On Floor
Jul 18 2019

5 Common Wedding Planning Problems And How To Fix Them

Let’s face it: no matter how organized you may be, wedding planning is never going to go perfectly smoothly. There are too many details and unexpected issues that are certain to crop up. However, by knowing what the most common wedding planning problems are and knowing how to tackle them, you can prepare yourself and be ready for them! Below are a few of the most common wedding planning problems—and how to handle them. Guests Not Responding To RSVPs When it comes to weddings, most people understand that it’s an important event,...

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Quinceanera Photography - Birthday Girl Against Flower Wall
Jul 06 2019

6 Things To Ask To Get The Best Quinceañera Photography

Most of the time, when it comes time for a young lady’s quinceañera, the extra step is taken to hire a professional photographer. Hours, days, weeks, and months are typically spent planning this special event because it only comes once in a lifetime—so most parents feel it’s necessary to make sure every moment is captured perfectly by someone who knows what they are doing. It’s true that everyone has phones with built-in cameras these days, but when you hire an actual, professional quinceañera photographer, you can be sure that you’ll be...

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Wedding Favors - Arrow Bottle Opener
Jun 27 2019

10 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Absolutely Love

Header Image: One favorite wedding tradition that many couples  love to do is to show their guests a little appreciation at the end of the night with a wedding favor. These keepsakes can be anything from a living plant to a specialty dessert, and they mark the occasion with something that guests can remember the special day with. Wedding favor options really are endless, especially if you want to get creative and add a personal touch to it. When it comes to choosing wedding favors for your guests, there's usually two...

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Jun 07 2019

The Best Milestone Birthday Ideas For An Unforgettable Event

Every so often we, or a loved one, hits a particularly special age in our lives. Whether it's your 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, or beyond, these special birthdays always require a little extra celebration with family and friends. However, it can be a bit daunting trying to plan out exactly what to do. But don't worry, we've helped celebrate plenty of birthdays at Platinum. Here are some of our favorite milestone birthday ideas to help you plan. Find The Right Venue Milestone birthdays come only once in a lifetime, so it's important...

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Wedding Venues - Don't Allow - Confetti
May 20 2019

Will Your Wedding Venue Allow These Items?

If you truly have your heart set on a certain items for your wedding day such as candles, rose petals, or sparklers, it’s a very good idea to inquire with your wedding venue to make sure that they allow it. Many couples are disheartened to discover that once they’ve booked their perfect wedding venue, they aren’t allowed to have specific elements included on their big day. In fact, this is fairly common. The wedding venues don’t do this to upset clients. There are usually very good reasons why they decline the use...

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Catering Menu Options - Hors D'oeuvres In Glasses
May 09 2019

Planning Your Catering Menu For Food Restrictions At Your Event

Great catering is a key element to pulling off a successful event, whether it's a wedding reception, party, or corporate event. Your guests will be expecting an amazing catering menu, and they'll be looking to you to make sure it's there. However, these days, it's nearly impossible to get even a small group of guests together without having to worry about some allergies, sensitivities, and preferences in food. Many people suffer from gluten allergies and will literally get sick if they have any of it. Some are religious and can't eat...

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Honorary Bridesmaid - Invite
Apr 24 2019

A Guide To Honorary Bridesmaids

Image Header Source: many brides during the wedding planning process, the problem arises of whom to select to be bridesmaids. Many women have a lot of close friends, and they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by leaving them out. Yet, at the same time, we can’t have 30 bridesmaids—so what is the best way to handle this delicate issue? If the subject does come up with the girl(s) in question, the best way to handle it is to be very sensitive and understanding, but also firm and clear. Explain your reasons the...

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Mod Wedding Dresses From 2019-20 Bridal Shows - Viktor and Rolf Model Wearing Mod Inspired Gown
Apr 16 2019

Mod Wedding Dresses Are One Of The Biggest Bridal Trends For 2019-20

From season to season, high-end bridal fashion shows always have patterns and trends. From smaller details to over-arching styles, there are always common elements that observers love to find. The 2019-2020 bridal fashion season has seen a number of similarities, from bows to jumpsuits to high necks to Meghan Markle-inspired everything. However, one trend that has been impossible to overlook is the rise of mod wedding dresses, pulling from the style sensation of the 1960s. This particular bridal trend is both unique and sweet, featuring touches from the past that...

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Blue Envelope For Wedding Invitation
Mar 22 2019

What Should And Shouldn’t Go In Your Wedding Invitation?

Header Image: Sarah Bradshaw Photography When it comes to wedding invitations, it can be surprisingly easy to forget key information that should be included. It actually happens to a fair amount of wedding couples. From small details to main instructions, this wedding planning mistake has happened plenty of times. Many couples also struggle with the etiquette of handling an adults-only ceremony, plus ones, and gift information. Here’s a guide on exactly what information should be included on your wedding invite, and what shouldn’t. Even if you’re doing something creative and different, this...

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winter wedding centerpieces
Dec 12 2018

10 Gorgeous Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Part of the excitement of planning your wedding is seeing all the work and decorations come together to make the vision you planned come to life. One of the more prominent decorations at any wedding is the table centerpiece. During various seasons, we see different flowers and elements being used, and some of our favorites are the winter wedding centerpieces. Here are some stunning ideas to inspire you.  1. A Frozen Rose One of the most beautiful and unique winter wedding centerpieces we've ever seen, this centerpiece uses a single rose frozen...

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