Gift in a Bag

10 Traditional Quinceañera Gifts That You Can Personalize

When attending a quinceanera, you want to make sure that your gift is appropriate for the cultures and traditions of the event. We have gathered some of the most traditional quinceanera gifts that guests can give on a young women’s special day. Keep in mind that a gift can go a long way, especially during […]

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Redheaded Woman With Bridal Makeup

Doing Your Own Bridal Makeup? Check Out These 9 Tips

If you’re a bride-to-be who is planning on doing her own bridal makeup, then this article is for you. Whether you want to save money or you simply prefer doing your own makeup, here are some tips that we hope you find helpful for your big day. Now Is The Time For Pampering In the […]

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Wedding Planning Stress - Brunette Woman Looking Worried

Try These 5 Tips If Wedding Planning Has You Stressed

Most women dream about their wedding day from the time they’re a little girl—but then when it comes to the actual wedding planning, it can escalate quickly into a stressful and frustrating process. Between dealing with family, choosing vendors, endless to-do lists, selecting the catering, buying a dress, and figuring out thousands of details, wedding […]

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Quinceanera Choreographer - Birthday Girl Dancing With Chambelanes

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Hiring A Quinceañera Choreographer

If your daughter has an upcoming quinceañera, you’re probably trying to decide whether or not to hire a quinceañera choregrapher for the various dances that are often part of the celebration, such as the father/daughter dance, the waltz, and the surprise dance. Your daughter most likely wants to have big, show-stopping dance numbers. If she […]

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Platinum Banquet

How To Find The Perfect Venue For Your Specific Wedding

For most engaged couples, finding the right wedding venue isn’t so easy. After all, it’s one of the most important spaces you’ll ever choose — and there are so many options. So what’s the best strategy for finding a wedding venue that’s right for you? Take a look at a few tips from Platinum Banquet […]

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Wedding Traditions - Bride And Groom Laughing Together

Over These Wedding Traditions? Try Updating Them!

Header Image: Chloe Jackman Photography Weddings are filled to the brim with traditions. Some are still incredibly popular, such as the first dance; some have become very flexible, like wearing a white dress, and some are beginning to fall by the wayside. When it comes to weddings, it’s important that each specific couple talks with […]

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Mad Men Party Theme Idea

How To Choose The Right Party Theme For Your Event

Let’s face it: party themes are really fun. They allow both you as the organizer and the guests to get creative, they provide incredible photo ops, and they add an extra touch of festivity. That said, it’s important to understand that when you choose to have a party theme, you should be prepared to put […]

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Wooden Unplugged Wedding Sign

Ultimate Guide: How To Have An Unplugged Wedding

For many couples who are planning their wedding, the subject of an unplugged wedding will definitely arise. With nearly everyone owning their own phone these days and social media being a big part of most people’s lives, it’s a topic that must be considered. Here’s the rundown from our team at Platinum Banquet Hall. What […]

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Drafting A Wedding Guest List - Coffee, Pad, Pen, And Laptop

How To Make A Wedding Guest List Stress-Free

While some couples love making their wedding guest list, others find it to be an overwhelming task that produces anxiety and guilt. Between staying within your budget and trying not to offend anyone, creating your guest list can be a headache. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few simple factors […]

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Golden Anniversary - 50th Wedding Cake With Gold Flowers

6 Important Golden Wedding Anniversary Planning Tips

Whether you’re planning a Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration for yourself or for someone you love, it’s one of the sweetest parties to plan for! Golden Wedding Anniversaries honor a marriage that has lasted for 50 years, and that is very impressive! Golden Wedding Anniversaries are extra special because it’s not only a celebration for the […]

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