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After Wedding Dress Ideas - Trash The Dress
Aug 15 2017

6 Great After-Wedding Dress Ideas

There’s nothing quite like finding your perfect wedding dress and then making your entrance at your wedding. For many brides, this is a moment they wait their entire lives for, and their dress helps bring that moment to life. But then the wedding ends—and too often, the dress just hangs in a closet. However, many women are finding interesting uses for their wedding dresses post-ceremony. Here are a few things you can do with yours. Read on for some great after wedding dress ideas! Sell It Probably the most popular after wedding...

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Happily Ever After Wedding Sign - Writing Your Own Marriage Vows
Aug 06 2017

4 Important Tips For Writing Your Marriage Vows

These days, writing your own marriage vows is fairly easy. There are countless examples online, not to mention books and magazines. The hard part can be figuring out how to say exactly what you want while making the vows memorable and meaningful. In all the excitement of making wedding arrangements, many couples put their marriage vows on the back burner, and wait a little too long to write them. This can result in rushed vows that don’t accurately reflect how the couple truly feels. Since this is such a big and important...

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Planning A Corporate Party - Black TIe
Jul 27 2017

How To Plan A Fantastic Corporate Party

If you’ve ever planned a party of any kind before, you know the energy, time, creativity, and patience it requires. However, planning a corporate party is loaded up with even more pressure, since it involves the people you work with. If you’ve been delegated to organize and plan a corporate party—whether it’s a charity gala, an awards dinner, or a simple company gathering—here are some time-tested tips to help you during the planning process. Start With A List The very first thing you should do before anything else is to make a list...

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Wedding Vows - Couple At Altar
Jul 19 2017

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows? Here Are 7 Steps

Many couples decide to write their own wedding vows, finding this to be a personal and extra meaningful addition to their wedding ceremony instead of simply repeating after an officiant. If you think writing your own vows might be the right path for you, here are some steps to take to help you begin. #1. Talk To Your Fiancé It may seem like a silly first step, but trust us: you’ll want to clear writing your own vows with your fiancé before you do anything else. Why? Because he or she may...

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Pippa Middleton Wedding Dress And Veil
Jul 10 2017

Borrow These Wedding Ideas From The Biggest Ceremonies Of 2017

2017 has seen some show-stopping weddings so far, and the year is just half over! From royalty to celebrity to business brilliance, some very important individuals have been tying the knot this year. And when it comes to fantastic wedding ideas, these couples did everything perfectly. Here are a few unique and memorable wedding ideas that may inspire you for your own wedding day!...

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Flower Petal Alternative - Floral Lantern
Jun 26 2017

Flower Petal Alternatives For Your Flower Girl To Carry

You’ve chosen your flower girl (or girls), and now you need to decide on what she’ll be carrying down the aisle with her. Many couples these days choose to have their flower girls carry something different than actual flower petals, since many venues doesn’t allow flower petals on their carpet. It could also be because you’re worried about your flower girl just dumping the basket out instead of tossing petals—or you may simply want a more non-traditional route for your wedding. Whatever your reasons may be, here are some great...

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Jun 19 2017

5 Basics To Finding The Perfect Groom’s Suit

There’s always a lot of attention centered around the bride’s wedding gown, but what about the groom’s suit? His attire is important too, and should fit all aspects of your wedding together. There are just a few basic rules that will help the groom’s suit look incredible and match the style of the wedding. A groom’s suit should… Fit Him Perfectly It honestly doesn’t matter how expensive, fancy, or well-designed a suit or tux is—if it doesn’t fit the groom right, it’s just not going to look good. It also won’t feel good....

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Jun 12 2017

8 Often-Overlooked Wedding Registry Items

One of the things couples love doing together after getting engaged is their wedding registry. There’s just something about going around stores together with your soon-to-be-spouse with that scanner that’s just so exciting! While you might not get everything you’re tagging, it’s a blast to imagine that you might! But in the rush of scanning, there are some things that can be easily missed, or things that couples simply don’t think about registering for until years later. (This goes especially if you’re a young couple, or haven’t already been living together.) Here...

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May 24 2017

Bridesmaid Gifts That They Will Love!

Most brides love choosing gifts for their bridesmaids. It’s a fun way to thank the friends that have meant so much to you. Bridesmaid gifts tend to all be the same thing, and very often, they match—but they don’t have to. Another popular bridesmaid gift idea is to personalize the gift by customizing it with engraving or monogrammed initials....

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Bridal Portrait With Backlighting
May 08 2017

White-Hot Wedding Photography Trends For 2017

When it comes to wedding photography, 2017 is embracing both nostalgic trends (the return of film) and cutting-edge modern trends (drones, drones, drones). The overall theme seems to be “romantic and exciting”—obviously two great things when you’re talking about a wedding! So what are the top trends this year, and which ones match the tone of your own wedding? Take a look at 2017’s favorites: Drone Shots Chances are, you have a few friends who are nuts about their drones and the footage it captures. (Or hey, maybe it’s even you!) With the...

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