6 Important Golden Wedding Anniversary Planning Tips

Golden Anniversary - 50th Wedding Cake With Gold Flowers

Whether you’re planning a Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration for yourself or for someone you love, it’s one of the sweetest parties to plan for! Golden Wedding Anniversaries honor a marriage that has lasted for 50 years, and that is very impressive!

Golden Wedding Anniversaries are extra special because it’s not only a celebration for the couple to honor their marriage—it’s also an opportunity to show the couple how much their love has influenced the people in their lives.

Blend Memories With Décor

No Golden Wedding Anniversary party would be complete without lots of photographs of the couple throughout their life together. Guests will love looking at these photos taken through the years. A few great ways to incorporate photographs into the décor is to have a “family photo tree”, use framed photos as centerpieces, or to spell out a large “50” on the wall using the photos.

Watch the video below for more Golden Anniversary décor ideas:

Choose A Festive Location

A Golden Anniversary Wedding party is a very important affair that must be held at a special place. The venue you choose should be beautiful, romantic, large enough for your guests, and should have plenty of room for catering, seating, and dancing. A banquet hall or a lovely restaurant tend to make the best anniversary party venues, since there is plenty of room for guests, food, and decorations.

Play A Couple Fun Games

Any games that are played at a Golden Wedding Anniversary party should honor the stars of the show—the couple! Guests can play a “couple trivia” game that asks questions such as “Where did they get married?” or “What are their nicknames for each other?” Or, if you like the idea of just making the couple play a game, try “The Not-So-Newlywed Game”.

Golden Anniversary Table Decorations

Image: Paisley Petal Events

Make Sure The Food Is Perfect

A special occasion as valuable as a Golden Anniversary party deserves the absolute best in cuisine, don’t you think? Make sure to either host your anniversary party in an amazing restaurant or to have outstanding catering. Some foods can be customized to the event, such as incorporating the couple’s favorite snack—or perhaps the first meal they ever ate together. And of course, a Golden Wedding Anniversary calls for a stunning cake!

Consider The Music

The couple should choose what kind of music they would like to be played during their Golden Wedding Anniversary party, but if they’re unsure or don’t have enough, a great idea is to play songs that reflect the music that was popular the year they got married. Another good idea is to simply play a collection of famous love songs from every era. No matter what, the music played during the party—whether it’s a playlist or a live band—should feel romantic and sweet.

Golden Anniversary - 50th Wedding Cake With Gold Flowers

Image: Pinterest

Don’t Forget Special Touches

50 years of marriage is a big deal, and everything needs to be shiny and dazzling for the Golden Anniversary party! This means that all the décor should look beautiful, right down to the champagne glasses. Some great ideas include balloons wrapped in gold tulle (simple yet gorgeous), centerpieces with gold-wrapped chocolate (like Hershey’s almond kisses), bow tie napkins for the glassware, and diamond sugar cookies.

Golden Anniversary Chocolate Party Favors

Image: Paisley Petal Events

Hopefully these suggestions will help you during your Golden Wedding Anniversary planning! And if you’re looking for the perfect event venue to host your party, consider Platinum Banquet Hall. Our beautiful Los Angeles ballroom is intimate yet comfortable, offers simply incredible food, and is just right for an anniversary party. You can take a tour or simply contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!